Nike - Women's Air Force 1 Jester XX 'The 1 Reimagined' (Off White)


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Nike tapped 14 unique and diverse designs to reimagine the timeless Air Force 1 silhouette. Led by Georgina James, this group of talented women came together with only one thing in mind: "Make some cool shit." The Women's Air Force 1 Jester XX stays true to its name with a playful take on the classic silhouette with off-center branding.

  • Leather upper.

  • Elevated sole.

  • Off-center Nike branding.

  • The Team: Georgina James, Marie Crow, Mangnhild Disington, Jacqueline Schoeffel, Chiyo Takahashi, Shamees Aden, Reba Brammer, Melusine Dieudonne, Jin Hong, Angela Martin, Kara Nykreim, Marie Odinot, Louisa Page, and Jesi Small.

  • NO Returns, Exchanges, or Merchandise Credit on this Special Release Product.