PLEASURES - Rail Snakeskin Work Jacket (White)


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Founded in 2015, PLEASURES quickly carved out a spot of their own by presenting abstract visions of cultural icons, in a way many hadn't seen before. The project's creative force, Alex James, describes it as "feelings from the past interpreted into visual, cerebral, and tangible expressions." This is achieved by an unwavering homage to '80s and '90s alternative youth culture that spans music (Nirvana, Minor Threat, Joy Division, The Smiths, to name a few), art (Andy Warhol), and even technology (we still see those CD sealers stuck to everything in our nightmares.)

  • Gas station style jacket.

  • Zip pockets.

  • Taffeta nylon liner.

  • Faux snakeskin.

  • Coated surface.

  • Fits true to size.